Wieslaw Nowak

Music Engraving: “A prima vista”

I’m an experienced music engraver, working with the latest stable version of Finale — the leading music typesetting software. Whether following current publishing standards or your custom styles, my vast experience as an engraver and musician ensures a fast turnaround and a consistent and professional result.



This is just a general list of the range of services I provide, if the requirements of your project are not met you can always contact me with your inquiry.

  • Music typesetting from manuscripts, scores
  • Engraving scores for publishing and performance
  • Parts extraction
  • Piano reductions from scores
  • Transposition to a desired key.
  • Transcription of text from Cyrillic to Latin.
  • (Cover Art Design – collaborating with graphic designers)


I realized projects with publishing houses such as MMO and Sunmin Music, the agencies Opera Verdi Europa, Eurostage, and the competition for new Bulgarian Music "7/8".

I value a personal approach. Apart from agencies and publishers I’ve worked with composers such as Dr. Manoutchehr Sahbai & prof. Peter Richter.

Among others, I’ve worked on:

  • 2 complete Operas
  • 40 symphonies, symphonic & vocal-symphonic works
  • over 15 instrumental concerts with orchestra
  • more than 20 albums of vocal music with piano accompaniment
  • over 50 albums of solo instrumental music with piano accompaniment


These samples can give you a general idea of my work as well as what I consider simple or complex when I give you a quote on my pricing.


Price Rates

The quotes I give are for the price per page. Each project is unique, but to give you a general idea, I factor in:

  • the density of notation
  • the complexity of the score
  • the amount of articulations and special symbols
  • lyrics
  • readability (hand written score)
  • graphics
  • the page format, staves per page, etc…

Generally, my rates range from $4/p. for a simple, single-stave page to $35/p. for a complex, large-format score page.

You are welcome to send a copy of your manuscript for a free estimate.



These are some of the questions that pop up in my inbox every now and then, you can always contact me if you feel you’d like them answered in greater detail:

I’m an engraver looking for a job, do you offer any work?

I do not offer any work and I do not plan to start doing so. I provide a service and don’t plan to outsource. I can only wish you well on your journey!

What software and what fonts do you use for music engraving?

I use the most current stable version of Finale – the industry standard for music typesetting. You can choose from the following primary music fonts:

  • Maestro (recommended)
  • Engraver
  • Petrucci
  • Jazz

How long does it take to typeset a piece?

It all depends on the material you send. The turnaround time may vary according to:

  • the length & size of the score
  • the complexity & content of the score
  • the legibility of the manuscript or copy

After you send a copy of the materials for consideration I can give you an estimate of the turnaround time. I think it’s fair to apply special rates for any rush job requests.

Is it possible to integrate unconventional graphical elements into the score?

I can handle such requests, and will need as much information as possible on your requirements. Also keep in mind that unconventional notation will affect the turnaround time, as well as the final price, which can be determined only after 10 to 20% of the project have been completed. My usual price policy can not be applied in such cases, which is why I’ll bill an hourly rate.

What do you require to start?

You send the materials for a preliminary estimate of the final price and turnaround time, together with you requirements, such as final output (hard copy or file), special requests, etc. After we agree on the terms I will also require a 30% upfront prepayment for new clients.

How does the manuscript come to you?

You can either mail it or send it digitally as a PDF, scans or another file format.

Can I see a sample page before you start?

I can provide one or two sample pages free of charge if you require.

What type and size of paper is used?

For first drafts, I go with standard quality A4 at 600dpi. The finalized project is printed at 1200dpi, suited to your requirements, including paper of various sizes up to A3, bound copies (plastic or wire) on request.

What happens after I receive a draft?

You will receive your draft along with necessary comments and questionable places marked in red. In this phase you can make the necessary corrections and minor changes if you whish so. Changes such as rewriting, reorchestrating, general changes of mind which are not related to editing will be charged for at an hourly rate.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can resubmit drafts?

You can resubmit your draft until you are satisfied, all within reasonable limits of course.